Apprentices Depart!

Our departing Apprentices

Well, it’s time to bid farewell to our fourth group of Apprentices. They have just completed their five-month stint at CAT and are ready to go out into the world to spread the news about cargo bikes and appropriate transport. One of the group is getting ready to ride his brand-new Long Haul bike back to his home in Newark, NJ. You can follow Kyle’s journey on his blog, A Long Haul’s Journey Outta Sight.

A fresh new group of Apprentices will be arriving in about a month, and the cycle will begin again. One of our local news outlets came out the other day to get the scoop:

The program aims to teach people how to build cargo bikes in order to reduce the thousands of miles that bikes are transported from where they are built to where they used.

“Our belief is that instead of building a large facility in one location, we will achieve the equivalent strength and economy of scale through small shops, producing locally, that work together,” said Jan VanderTuin, the director of CAT and main instructor of the apprenticeship program.

KEZI (Follow the link to watch the video!)