Build your own trailer at CAT

Build this trailer at CAT!

Build this trailer at CAT!

The Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) and Human Powered Machines (HPM) is offering a series of workshops on building high-quality bicycle trailers. Participants will learn basic fabrication skills and come away with a finished trailer frame and hitch. The next workshop series will run on Saturdays in March from 1-5 PM at CAT.

Students taking the class will learn:

  • How to miter tubing (cut it to fit against other tubes)
  • How to braze
  • How to use hand tools and power tools used in the building of this trailer
  • Other related skills

The cost will start at $400 for instruction and materials to build a basic, unpainted trailer frame with hitch.

About the trailer

The basic trailer is 2’ x 3’ and can carry 250 lbs. Practically any bicycle can pull it. The hitch attaches to the seat post and the trailer quick-connects in a second. Optional extras include a basic wooden box, a flat bed in plywood or aluminum tread plate, or a Pedalers Express-style fiberglass container (two used containers are currently available). Powdercoating for the frame is also available.