Comments from the first Apprenticeship Program Participants

Leo – Chicago, Illinois
LeoI am fortunate to have found a place that acts based on its beliefs. We share a belief in healthy living through exercise, clean air, and fresh veggies. It doesn’t get any fresher than pulling it off the plant.

I have read about motorbike, automobile, and human powered vehicle design, but I had never built anything. At CAT, I have met people who bring their designs to life.

To the future apprentices of CAT, I suggest you prepare for a challenge. This is not school, work, or home. It may be a little of each.

Rusl – Vancouver, B.C.
RuslWe have learned both slow, repeatable precision milling and lathing techniques and quick, use-your-eyeballs, hand-art practical methods.

I’ve learned how to use CAD Solidworks to create 3D bicycle models for planning and design. Also how to make and design bicycle fixture/jigs. This will be immensely useful.

I am now much more familiar with Cargo Bikes, their design, and bike building generally. I will be confident to go out into the world building and promoting them.

Mirye – Seoul, South Korea
MiryeThere are other frame building courses in the United States, but one of the reasons that I recommend the course at the CAT is that you can do an in-depth study not only about basic designs, but also gain knowledge of alternative models like cargo bikes. That means you’ll be able to have experiences with all kinds of bikes. The frame-builders at CAT make a constant effort to build with experimental character.

Everyday together we’ve enjoyed openly discussing various issues about building bikes. We have realized that by sharing our ideas we can tap our unlimited potential. If you’ve been interested in making cargo bikes, I guarantee it’ll be a very valuable time for you.

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