Comments from the Third Group of Apprentices

Henry Norris, Vancouver, British Columbia
You will leave CAT as a fabricator. Thinking about how to make things becomes second nature. Your hands and eyes develop naturally, and the dialogue of creating is the everyday. CAT is a conversation, always, with yourself and others. You will see your perception of the world more clearly. You will see what you like and what you don’t.

This apprenticeship isn’t just about building bikes. The day to day is learning the way the system at CAT works, and how to replicate it. The idea is that you will take that knowledge and apply it in your own community, as part of the Human Powered Network. If you want to become a part of this project, know that it is more than just fabrication. There are other ways to learn that. Here, there are ideas.

James Reichardt, Portland, Maine
The apprenticeship at CAT is an investment. Though the program is billed as a “Cargo Frame Building Apprenticeship”, you will be challenged here at a deeper level than learning the skills of fabrication.

The emphasis is on process. The process of manufacturing, the process of growing food, and the process of producing clothing are all tied together at CAT. Living within that process changes your perspective. The raw skills become secondary and you begin to consider the importance of process in whatever you do.