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Youth Programs

Contact our Youth Education Program

Phone: 541-344-1197
Email: edcoord@catoregon.org

The Center for Appropriate Transport is currently working with parents and guardians to provide classes and hands on experiences. Due to the school districts undeniable monopoly we find ourselves unable to provide a publicly funded education. Fortunately for us and the community, home schooling is recognized as a viable educational program for home schooled students.


The pedagogy is very much multi-age/ multi skills. Our teachers are community members who teach part time and are professionals in their fields. We try whenever possible to mix academics with our shop and office environments. Our emphasis is on networking and decentralized entrepreneurship. We are non-biased in our view of outcomes and are specifically focused on inspiring youth to love to learn—for their whole lives. Individual and group research projects draw students into the world of learning through subjects that are relevant to the skills they build here at CAT.
Some of our recent projects include:

  • A Child Sized Recumbent
  • Mobile Trailers to help those in need find a more permanent home
  • Working with Arduino
  • Currently Beginner CNC Programming

Above all, we provide a very supportive environment for students. We touch base at the beginning and end of each class and instructors meet frequently with students on an informal basis.

Our offerings include:

Mobile School Presentations

CAT is looking for help to introduce sustainable transportation to youth. Our main goal is to give children hands on learning experiences, spark discussions, and get kids analyzing and brainstorming issues. For a better tomorrow, we need their help today! Click here for more information.


A program designed to introduce computer aided mechanical design, drafting, and manufacturing skills to those who have an interest in pursuing a career in industry.

Industrial sewing

Design and manufacture of rain gear, custom bicycle seats, and other projects. Students learn how to create a project from conception, through development and testing, to a finished product.

Skinner City Farm

CAT partners with Skinner City Farm, a community garden project, to provide an agriculturally-based program which teaches students about sustainable practices. Farmers, tradespeople, ecologists and historians bring real-world experience to the curriculum.

Field trips are a periodic feature of our programs. We visit bicycle shops, fabrication facilities, sewing operations, art studios and related places of interest.