Mobile School Presentations

CAT is looking for help to introduce sustainable transportation to youth. Our main goal is to give children hands on learning experiences, spark discussions, and get kids analyzing and brainstorming issues. For a better tomorrow, we need their help today!

Our presentations include:

-Our entire rideable museum fleet from tricycles to tandems
-History of alternative transportation, especially as it affects the environment and shapes the world around us
-Slideshows and videos that show the unique technical, environmental, and cultural roles that bicycles play in countries around the world
-Letting kids see, learn about, and actually ride a very unusual assortment of bicycles and human powered vehicles.

Our goal is 20 presentations, at around $200 each, and we would love your support. If would like to donate or volunteer, contact us at (541) 344-1197 or send us an email at cat@catoregon.org.


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