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Pedalers Express

Eugene’s human-powered delivery service!

Call 541-344-3923 or email pedex@catoregon.org to arrange a delivery or set up an account. For more information on all our services, see below.

Pedalers Express Rates and Services

We offer specialized services for law offices, publication distribution, heavy cargo, and can tailor our service to fit whatever your needs may be.

On-Call Services

Pedalers Express accepts on-call assignments. Need a letter or package delivered promptly? Call 541-344-3923 to arrange a delivery. 8 AM-5 PM M-F. Our response time is usually less than an hour. Need it there faster? Let us know your deadline.

Pricing is simple! Our service is based on zones. If the pickup and delivery are in two different zones, you pay the higher price.

  • Green Zone: $7.50
  • Blue Zone: $12
  • Red Zone: $16

See our zone map below:

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Custom Scheduled Delivery

Let Pedalers Express take care of your daily errands. Post office runs, bank deposits, or whatever your business requires, Pedalers Express can make your office more efficient.
See our zone map above.

Includes 1 business service (mail, bank or equivalent) in Green Zone. Need more? We can provide additional services:

Custom Delivery Client Examples:

Cargo service

Some of our vehicles can carry up to 700 pounds!

Some of our vehicles can carry up to 700 pounds!

We’ll carry anything! Weight should not be an issue when considering Pedalers Express for your delivery needs. We work with restaurants, bakeries, wholesalers, publishers, printers and other businesses to move packages of all shapes and sizes around the city. Our container bikes carry up to 200 pounds in a dry, secure enclosure. We also use heavy-duty load-carrying tricycles which carry up to 700 pounds!

Cargo rates are determined by zone (see zone map above) and weight. For 50-100 pounds, the cost is the standard zone rate plus a cargo fee of $5. Cargo fees increase $5 per additional 50 pounds.

Especially bulky cargo may entail additional fees based on special equipment or handling needed.

Legal delivery

Designed to fill the needs of professional offices, our Basic Legal Service Includes:

Daily service to:

Legal delivery rates are based on the number of attorneys in your office who will be using the service, multiplied by the rates below:

Number of attorneys 1 2-3 4-5 6-8 9+
One stop daily $70 $60 $55 $50 $45
Two stops daily $85 $70 $65 $60 $55

Additional Services Available:

Publication distribution

Pedalers Express can help you get your publication into the hands of readers across Eugene and Springfield. Call us at 344-3923 or email pedex@catoregon.org for more information! We currently distribute papers for the Eugene Weekly, In Good Tilth, the Green Book, Used News, Tamarack Wellness Center, and others.