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Valet Bike Parking

Grateful Dead Bike Corral

No event is complete without a bike corral operated by CAT’s VBP crew. VBP supports bike-friendly events and is a great way for youth to gain experience in a public setting.

The Center for Appropriate Transport is a national leader in valet bicycle parking. We have developed a proven system that keeps bicycles organized, safe and fully attended. As one of the first bicycle valet service in the United States, we are the model for other programs.

Fully-attended Valet Bicycle Parking encourages people to come by bike! More bicycles mean less car traffic. Bicycles and belongings are kept safe and secure in a controlled area. Our easy in, easy out service is like a coat check for bicycles.

How It Works

Valet Bicycle Parking staff will meet you at the gate of the bike corral. Your bicycle is assigned a number and you receive a card with that number. When you leave, simply show your card to an attendant who then retrieves your bike. Our secure corral ensures that accessories such as lights, saddle bags, helmets and even trailers can be left with total peace of mind. We welcome all human-powered transport, from strollers to skateboards.

Get Involved!

Valet Bike Parking is always looking for volunteers to help park bikes and set up the corral. We extend many thanks to our past volunteers who have helped VBP become so successful. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Crista Clark at (541) 686-9885 or email bikevallet@catoregon.org  
If you would like to volunteer for any in particular, just mention it here in our volunteer sign up sheet.

All volunteers get free admission to most events, plus the satisfaction of helping to make Eugene a better place for people who choose to get around by bike.

Click here to visit CAT’s general volunteer page!

For event organizers we can provide:


Bike Corral Entrance– Site analysis
– Full staffing for duration of event (multi-day events OK)
– Setup and tear-down
– Tag & clip system for organizing bikes
– Portable racks & other hardware
– “Oversize” area for tandems and trailers
– Fencing
– Table and shelter
– Removal of unclaimed bikes
– Early-bird service for event staff & volunteers
– Tools, patch kits and tubes for simple repairs

How Much Does It Cost?

Since Valet Bicycle Parking is significantly cheaper than the cost of automobile parking, and each person who arrives by bicycle relieves pressure on limited parking resources, our service is an ideal fit for events of any size. Each event is different, so our price depends on number of bikes expected, event duration and other factors. Prices vary, usually around $140-$450 a day depending on capacity, set-up/breakdown needs, and duration of the event.

Some Past events

VBP received some great coverage for working the Olympic Trials, serving almost 3000 people over 10 days. Check out NBC Sport’s article here and KVAL’s report:

Grateful Dead Shirts

The same weekend, CAT also was parking over 1500 bikes at Art & the Vineyard, filling up our 450 bike corral.

CAT’s most consistent Valet Parking gig this year has been at the Cuthbert Summer Concert Series put on by Kesey Events. Our consistent presence at the Cuthbert concerts has been much appreciated by the patrons, who never tire of letting us know how much the love a safe place to park while enjoying the music. Fighting over bike racks is a thing of the past, now bicyclists at the Cuthbert get royal treatment and the watchful eye of our attendants.

The Eugene Celebration is coming soon, and CAT is gearing up to provide Valet Bike Parking for the three-day festival. The location has not yet been determined, but planning is underway and we will be looking for volunteers.

An oldie but a goodie, one of our favorite events was the 1994 Grateful Dead concert. Valet Bike Parking served hundreds of cyclists on a beautiful day at the Cuthbert Theatre. Not only did our volunteers get to help the masses, but got free entry to a fantastic concert and some pretty fantastic shirts.

Contact us for a consultation!

If you are interested in Valet Bike Parking for your event, please contact us at (541) 686-9985 or email us at bikevallet@catoregon.org