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Waxed Canvas Rain Capes

Rain Cape

Waxed Canvas is a environmentally friendly alternative that provides excellent water resistance and durability. Various styles and colors offered!


Rain Capes Are Back!

Traditional raingear for serious cyclists all over the world. Our updated version is perfect for traveling the streets in rainy weather without the inconvenience of complicated raingear. Rain poncho style, making it an easy on and off.

Waxed Canvas Rain Cape


  • Classic style
  • Reflective Piping and Reflective Hem
  • Easy on and off, Rain Poncho fit
  • Full coverage to handlebars—knees stay dry
  • No more awkward rain pants
  • More airflow = less sweat

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Customize Your Rain Cape!

Choose “Backpack Extension” or “Messenger Bag Extension” Not Both!

Add matching hood for only $21

Fleece Collar & Pockets $15

Expand for backpack $20

Expand for Messenger Bag $30

Additional Options

Backpack Rain Cape +$20

Please Note “Backpack Extension” and “Messenger Bag Extension” cannot be made on the same raincape!
This design is the same as the regular rain cape in all aspects, but is made to expand to cover a backpack.

Fleece Collar and Pockets + $15

This rain cape is designed for those who like a little extra comfort. It has a large 3″ collar (rather than the regular 1.5″) lined with fleece, which also lines the hand pocket grips for a snug feel

Rain Cape Fleece CollarRain Cape Fleece Collar

Messenger Bag Rain Cape +$30

Please Note “Backpack Extension” and “Messenger Bag Extension” cannot be made on the same raincape!
This design is the same as the regular rain cape in all aspects, but is made wider to accommodate a messenger bag.

Matching Hood + $21

This option allows you to keep your head and neck dry too. The hood is made to match your Rain Cape’s color and fabric. The hood can be used over or under your bike helmet.



Please refer to the chart below for sizing information.

Rain Cape Size Chart

NOTE: Rain Capes are designed for use with handlebars that are 26″ or less in width.
Wearing bulky gloves may make it difficult to put your fingers completely through the handholds.

Please read our return policy before ordering.

Waxed Canvas Backpacks!

CAT and Human Powered Machines (HPM) are introducing our new Roll-top Backpacks. These great new bags are made from the same durable and water-resistant waxed canvas as our Rain Capes.
Want to make one yourself? Check out CAT’s Sewing Classes for Cyclists here! Make your own bag to take home included in the price of our Intermediate Industrial Sewing Course.


I just tried out my new rain cape from CAT (Center for Appropriate Transport) in Oregon. I ordered one in all yellow with a detachable hood; they are made as you order them on site. Rode 50 minutes in constant Seattle rain. It works amazingly well. Great design, workmanship and materials. Super service too… Wore the hood under my helmet, no problems… Other than my face, not a drop of rain above my knees. Bike stayed dry above the crank and I was not drenched in sweat despite wearing a long sleeve fleece jacket and leg warmers. It was not too windy so did not have much issue with that, but given that this cape stops around mid-thigh, it should not catch too much wind. Ahh, I actually look forward to the next ride in the rain…


What a great gift! It’s perfect, and it even arrived on a rainy day. I never saw one before, and now I can’t figure out why these capes aren’t everywhere. I plan to wear it many places beyond biking.


Today was the first true test of the cape and it performed beautifully… The quality of the worksmanship has surpassed my expectations! The fit, finish, and overall design all worked together to keep me incredibly dry on my commute this morning. From now on I won’t hesitate a minute to ride in any conditions. I never did before, but now I know I’ll show up dry and comfortable.